My Interview on the Larry Young Morning Show on WOLB

On March 19, I participated in the WOLB Larry Morning Show District 4 Baltimore City Council Candidates Interview. Above are my excerpts from the interview.

During the interview, the host forgot to ask me which committees I would serve on if elected. If elected, I would serve on the Public Safety Committee. When I talk to the voters, they repeatedly inform me that violence is the most important issue. For the past five years, over 300 people have been murdered in Baltimore each year. Last year was the second deadliest year on record. This year's murder rate is on pace to exceed last year's murder rate.

In addition to serving on the Public Safety Committee, I would serve on the Education and Youth Committee. The youth are our future. Moreover, in the words of Malcolm X, "education is our passport to the future." Educating and empowering our youth are some of my top priorities.


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